I miss my mum's Nigerian cooking. Can she teach me over Zoom?

I’m a professional food critic, with a blind spot when it comes to the food I grew up with. Can I recreate Mum’s jollof rice and puff-puffs?‘Well, let me see it then,” says my mother from the screen, her iPhone camera set to the trademark lockdown angle that means I’ve never been better acquainted with a specific patch of her living room ceiling. A little fearfully, reaching over a saucepan of bubbling oil, I do as I’m told: stick a spoon in the dense batter I’ve mixed to make my first ever West African “puff-puff” doughnuts, and hoick some up for inspection. “Hmm,” she says, squinting. “It looks a little heavy, son.”“Do you think?” I say, doubtfully, picking up one of the misshapen dark brown blobs I’ve already fried and pulling it apart. A rope of wet, uncooked batter spills out over my fingers and it feels, for a moment, like the ghosts of my Nigerian ancestors have gathered at my shoulder to shake their heads sadly. Continue reading...

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