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Brexit: Revoke Article 50 petition crashes Parliament website
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More than 600,000 people sign a petition on the Parliament site calling for Brexit to be cancelled. (BBC News)
Windows smashed at four mosques in Birmingham
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Counter-terrorism officers investigating after series of attacks overnight Counter-terrorism police are investigating a series of incidents in which windows were smashed at four mosques in Birmingham.West Midlands police were first called at 2.32am to a mosque on Birchfield Road, Perry Barr, where a man was reported to be breaking windows. Officers who arrived there discovered that the attack had taken place some time earlier. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Drugs kingpin jailed for 15 years for supplying £2m of cocaine Drugs kingpin jailed for 15 years for supplying £2m of cocaine
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 (Daily Mail Online)
Facebook could have moved faster on Christchurch video 'if it were suicide'
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Admission comes two days after Facebook and YouTube initially defended responses to live stream of shootingFacebook has released more details of its response to the Christchurch terrorist attack, including the extraordinary admission that it did not deal with the attacker’s live stream as quickly as it could have, because it was not reported to the social network as a video of “suicide”.The company has a system called “accelerated review” when a complaint is raised over a live stream or video which flags it as an urgent priority. But on Thursday the company acknowledged that this process to date has only been activated on footage where suicide is reported. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Hamas violently suppresses Gaza economic protests
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Gaza’s rulers, who back Israeli border protests, accused of using force against dissentHamas appears to have forcibly suppressed a rare uptick of public dissent in Gaza, beating and arresting scores of people over the past week who were demonstrating against price rises and dire living conditions across the strip.A group of activists and civil society figures calling itself “We want to live” had planned for a general strike on Thursday. But following riot police attacks since last week, it was not clear if the strike would go ahead. Continue reading... (The Guardian)