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Ministers refuse to reveal target of new RAF killer drone missions
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Deployment of controversial ‘Reapers’ should be approved by parliament, say campaigners Britain is running secret missions involving drones previously used to target and kill terrorist suspects in Iraq and Syria.The Ministry of Defence is refusing to reveal the nature or location of the operation involving RAF Reapers, which can be armed with Hellfire missiles, leading to calls for greater parliamentary oversight of Britain’s drone programme. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Sicily launches inquiry into fire in 'migrant boats graveyard'
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Investigators believe fire on island of Lampedusa was politically motivated attackProsecutors in Sicily have launched an arson investigation into a fire on Friday night on the island of Lampedusa that destroyed the “migrant boats graveyard”, a key symbol of the migration crisis.Hundreds of dilapidated boats left behind over the years by migrants arriving in Italy from north Africa went up in flames, causing panic for several hours among islanders in what investigators believe was a politically motivated attack. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
'Regrettable': Germany reacts to Trump plan to withdraw US troops
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Reduction of 9,500 personnel criticised by the German right and welcomed by the leftDonald Trump’s plans to withdraw more than a third of the US troops stationed in Germany have been criticised in the country by conservatives and welcomed by leftwing politicians.The US president has reportedly ordered the Pentagon to reduce the number of troops by 9,500 from the 34,500 permanently assigned in Germany as part of a long-standing arrangement with Washington’s Nato ally. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Global report: India's Covid-19 case total surpasses Italy's
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Indian health ministry reports 9,887 new cases; China confirms three new cases; Russia’s death toll continues to riseCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageIndia has overtaken Italy as the sixth worst-affected country, after another biggest single-day rise in confirmed Covid-19 infections.India’s health ministry reported 9,887 new cases on Saturday, bringing the official total to 236,657. The country has fewer confirmed cases than only the US, Brazil, Russia, Britain and Spain. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Madeleine McCann: German authorities 'ignored warnings over suspect'
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Authorities accused of failing to act on tip-off from local force that Christian Brückner should be regarded as key suspectGerman media are focusing their attention on whether the federal police ignored warnings in 2013 from a local force that was on the trail of the Madeleine McCann suspect Christian Brückner for a variety of crimes, including child abuse and drug dealing.Investigators in Braunschweig who had been closely monitoring Brückner believed he should be viewed as a key suspect in the girl’s disappearance. But their alert was reportedly ignored by Germany’s Federal Criminal Office, the BKA, according to Der Spiegel, which has a team of 10 reporters working on the case. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Ivanka Trump complains of 'cancel culture' after university cancels her speech
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WSU Tech stops first daughter’s commencement speech amid criticism of Donald Trump’s response to George Floyd protestsIvanka Trump has hit out at “cancel culture and viewpoint discrimination” after plans for her to give a virtual commencement speech to students in Kansas were canceled amid criticism of Donald Trump’s response to anti-police brutality protests in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. Related: George Floyd killing: Washington expecting biggest march yet as mourners prepare for second memorial service – live Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Britain sees worst loss of public faith in leaders' virus response in Europe
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Satisfaction levels across the continent have risen and fallen, but nowhere have they plunged as for Boris Johnson’s governmentCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageAll across the continent, most Europeans now trust their leaders generally, and how they have handled the coronavirus pandemic in particular, a little less than when the crisis began – but nowhere has public confidence fallen as far and as fast as in the UK.Even leaders seen as having managed Covid-19 the most successfully, such as Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel and Denmark’s prime minister Mette Frederiksen, have suffered slight dips in popular satisfaction as the weeks have worn on. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Teargas and pepper spray will accelerate spread of Covid-19, doctors warn
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As crowds protest across the US, more than 1,000 medical experts raise fears police tactics could worsen the pandemicDoctors, nurses and disease experts have warned that dousing crowds with teargas and pepper spray will accelerate the spread of coronavirus as mass demonstrations against police brutality rage on, raising concerns that police tactics could worsen a pandemic that has already taken a disproportionate toll on black and brown Americans.Nearly 1,300 medical providers and public health experts have signed a petition this week calling for police to stop using the chemical agents, amid scenes of law enforcement officers launching plumes of chemical irritants and smoke to subdue demonstrators in Minneapolis, Philadelphia, New York and many other American cities. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
In life and death, George Floyd's plight reflected the burden of being black in America
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Floyd’s struggles resonate with many black Americans and the timing of his killing created a spark that lit this week’s uprising over centuries of racism George Floyd killing – latest US updatesSee all our George Floyd coverageWith a knee to his neck and head against the concrete, George Floyd became the face of one of the largest uprisings in modern American history.  His final moments at the hands of four Minneapolis police officers was replayed on social media and television all across a country that was already in crisis.Americais in economic free fall as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. And it is black Americans who have been disproportionately impacted by mounting deaths and crushing job losses, making up a disproportionate number of the 42 million people left unemployed. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
'We need the Brits': Benidorm banks on August tourist surge
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Spanish resort ‘like a ghost town’ as UK’s Covid-19 lockdown keeps its best customers awayCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThere’ll be no craic at the Shamrock tonight, says Lisa Griffin, who has run the Irish pub in Benidorm for 25 years.Griffin’s 15 staff, who include a four-piece band, are on furlough and no one knows what will happen when the Spanish government’s scheme comes to an end on 30 June. Continue reading... (The Guardian)