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Brexit will deliver double shock to UK economy, study finds
28. julij 2020 (09:19)
Exclusive: LSE report says even sectors unscathed from coronavirus crisis will be severely impactedA Brexit hit is looming for sectors that have emerged relatively unscathed from the Covid-19 pandemic, new data has showed.A report from the London School of Economics says Brexit will deliver a double shock to the economy – with worsening business conditions for those sectors that have survived the impact of coronavirus and lockdown measures – whether Boris Johnson secures a deal with the EU or not. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
World’s largest nuclear fusion project begins assembly in France
28. julij 2020 (09:00)
Project aims to show clean fusion power can be generated at commercial scaleThe world’s largest nuclear fusion project began its five-year assembly phase on Tuesday in southern France, with the first ultra-hot plasma expected to be generated in late 2025.The €20bn (£18.2bn) Iter project will replicate the reactions that power the sun and is intended to demonstrate fusion power can be generated on a commercial scale. Nuclear fusion promises clean, unlimited power but, despite 60 years of research, it has yet to overcome the technical challenges of harnessing such extreme amounts of energy. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Killer heat: US racial injustices will worsen as climate crisis escalates
28. julij 2020 (09:00)
Exclusive: new research shows how black and brown neighbourhoods will be hit hardest by global heatingDangerous heatwaves are exacerbating systemic racial inequalities, with soaring temperatures expected to further disadvantage communities of colour if greenhouse gas emissions keep rising, new research shows.Extreme heat is among the deadliest weather hazards humanity faces due to the climate crisis, which contributes to thousands of deaths in the US every year. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Soap dodger: meet the doctor who says we have been showering wrong
28. julij 2020 (09:00)
Hand-washing aside, James Hamblin has not used soap for five years. He warns that our obsession with being clean is harming the microbiome that keeps us healthyWhen James Hamblin tells people he has not used soap in the shower for five years, they tend not to hold back in expressing their disgust. “It’s one of the few remaining things for which we feel fine telling someone that they’re gross,” he says. “It’s amazing to me, honestly.”Yet despite people’s “clearly moralising judgments”, Hamblin is no hygiene slouch. Even pre-pandemic, he made a point of washing his hands with soap. He is, after all, a doctor who lectures at the Yale School of Public Health and a medical writer and podcaster for the US magazine the Atlantic. At 37, he looks so youthful that he still gets compared to the fictional child doctor Doogie Howser. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Spain: Pedro Sánchez attacks 'error' of UK quarantine travel restrictions – video
28. julij 2020 (08:57)
Britain made a mistake in slapping a quarantine on people travelling from Spain, the country's prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, said on Monday. The UK has also extended coronavirus guidance advising against all non-essential travel to the European country. The UK government's sudden decision to impose a two-week quarantine on arrivals shocked travellers between the two countriesSpain seeks removal of UK Covid-19 restrictions for Canaries and BalearicsCoronavirus live news: WHO says Covid-19 is 'easily the most severe' crisis it has facedSee all our coronavirus coverage Continue reading... (The Guardian)
China halts Hong Kong extradition treaties with Canada, Australia and UK
28. julij 2020 (08:52)
Tit-for-tat move follows similar measures by Ottawa, Canberra and London over its controversial new security lawChina has suspended Hong Kong extradition treaties with Canada, Australia, and the UK, in a tit-for-tat move after similar decisions by those countries over its controversial new security law.Canada, the UK and Australia are part of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance. The other members are New Zealand, which has also suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong, and the US, which has signalled it is preparing to follow suit. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Coronavirus near me: are UK Covid-19 cases rising in your area?
28. julij 2020 (08:21)
Latest updates: how has Covid-19 progressed where you live? Check the week-on-week changes across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern IrelandThe map shows local authorities where the number of cases has increased week-on-week and where it has fallen. Some of this is due to natural fluctuations, especially in areas where there are very few cases, and so a rise from 1 to 2 is a doubling. Increased testing also means that more cases may be being detected than previously, although the impact of this between one week and the next is likely to be slight. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
New York officials investigate Hamptons charity concert amid distancing concerns
28. julij 2020 (06:48)
Footage of event with Goldman Sachs CEO and Chainsmokers shows egregious Covid-19 breaches, says city governor Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageNew York health authorities are to investigate a charity concert in the Hamptons, which included performances by the Goldman Sachs chief David Solomon and DJ duo the Chainsmokers, over “egregious” social distancing violations.The drive-in event, Safe & Sound, had space for about 600 cars and was held in Southampton village on Saturday. It was the first in a series of such concerts planned for the US, according to the organisers’ website. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Toddler taken to hospital after fall from London block of flats
28. julij 2020 (06:32)
Police were called to Poplar, east London, after reports a child had fallen from a heightA toddler has been taken to hospital after falling from a block of flats in east London.The Metropolitan police said they were called to East India Dock Road in Poplar shortly after 6.50pm on Monday after reports that a child had fallen from a height. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Investors drop Brazil meat giant JBS
28. julij 2020 (06:30)
Top investment house delists world biggest meat producer over lack of commitment to sustainability issues The investment arm of northern Europe’s largest financial services group has dropped JBS, the world’s biggest meat processer, from its portfolio. The Brazilian company is now excluded from assets sold by Nordea Asset Management, which controls a €230bn (£210bn) fund, according to Eric Pedersen, its head of responsible investments.The decision was taken over the meat giant’s links to farms involved in Amazon deforestation, its response to the Covid-19 outbreak, past corruption scandals, and frustrations over engagement with the company on such issues. “The exclusion of JBS is quite dramatic for us because it is from all of our funds, not just the ones labelled ESG,” Pedersen said. Continue reading... (The Guardian)