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Parents' shock at Pc who bought porn on their TV as he guarded son's body
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The father of a teenage boy who took his own life spoke of his shock today after discovering a police officer bought pornography while guarding the child's dead body. (London News)
Moon landing 50th anniversary: What was the Apollo 11 mission? Who were Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins?
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"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" – those were the famous words of astronaut Neil A. Armstrong as he took his first step on the moon's surface. (London News)
Kyoto Animation fire: Police name arson suspect after blaze in studio leaves 33 dead
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Police have named an arson suspect after a blaze in a Japanese animation studio left 33 dead and 36 more injured. (London News)
Caretaker's £100k stress claim after 'rows with super-head caused breakdown'
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A caretaker who alleges he suffered a breakdown after a personality clash with a headteacher who "turned around" a failing school is claiming £100,000 compensation for work-related stress. (London News)
Carbon calculator: how taking one flight emits as much as many people do in a year
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Even short-haul flights produce huge amounts of CO2, figures show Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Crossrail costs will continue to climb, MPs say
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Commuters have been "let down by a programme that is well behind schedule", a committee of MPs says. (BBC News)
Cost of global push to prevent women dying in childbirth to increase sixfold
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As Trump funding drought continues, UN figures show billions more will be needed to meet global target on maternal mortalityThe cost of preventing women from dying in childbirth is projected to increase sixfold by 2030, requiring billions of dollars to achieve global targets, according to the UN.The estimate was released by the UN population fund (UNFPA) on Thursday, offering a snapshot of the scale of the challenge the agency has set itself to end preventable maternal deaths by 2030. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Stevenage car crash: Witnesses describe horrific aftermath of car crash that left 17 injured
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A woman had to be carried to safety by four people after she was left unable to walk after a horror crash during a car meet event in Stevenage, the event's organiser said today. (London News)
AFP adds more confusion about whether ministers consulted over raids
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Federal police say ministers may be ‘notified’ before raids, but outgoing commissioner Andrew Colvin says they are not ‘consulted’The Australian Federal Police has added more confusion to the question of whether the AFP consults ministers before conducting raids, after its outgoing commissioner, Andrew Colvin, denied that it did so.On the ABC’s 7.30 program on Monday, Colvin was questioned about the recent raids on the ABC and on News Corp journalist Annika Smethurst over leaked documents. Colvin was asked whether any government minister was consulted about the raids in advance. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
NZ Rugby cancels 'fraudulent' All Blacks match tickets
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The sport's governing body in New Zealand said the tickets had been re-sold on the secondary market. (BBC News)