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Thousands attend Sydney Black Lives Matter rally that was authorised minutes before start – video
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At least 2,000 people marched in Sydney for the 'Stop All Black Deaths in Custody' rally, which was declared an authorised public assembly minutes before its scheduled start time of 3pm, after a court ruling was overturned.Thousands of protesters rallied in cities and towns across Australia to march against Indigenous deaths in custody and the killing of George FloydBlack Lives Matter protests: Sydney rally given green light as court ruling overturnedCoronavirus live updates: China warns of Covid-linked 'racial violence' overseas Continue reading... (The Guardian)
I miss my mum's Nigerian cooking. Can she teach me over Zoom?
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I’m a professional food critic, with a blind spot when it comes to the food I grew up with. Can I recreate Mum’s jollof rice and puff-puffs?‘Well, let me see it then,” says my mother from the screen, her iPhone camera set to the trademark lockdown angle that means I’ve never been better acquainted with a specific patch of her living room ceiling. A little fearfully, reaching over a saucepan of bubbling oil, I do as I’m told: stick a spoon in the dense batter I’ve mixed to make my first ever West African “puff-puff” doughnuts, and hoick some up for inspection. “Hmm,” she says, squinting. “It looks a little heavy, son.”“Do you think?” I say, doubtfully, picking up one of the misshapen dark brown blobs I’ve already fried and pulling it apart. A rope of wet, uncooked batter spills out over my fingers and it feels, for a moment, like the ghosts of my Nigerian ancestors have gathered at my shoulder to shake their heads sadly. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
'Food will be a by-product': the Irish farmers creating nature-friendly fields
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Rewarding positive environmental impact has revitalised an area of west Ireland. Is this a solution to the country’s ‘acute’ nature crisis?Michael Davoren shudders when he thinks of the 1990s. He’d been in charge of his 80-hectare farm in the Burren, Co Clare, since the 1970s, and the place was in his blood. The Davorens had worked these hills for 400 years.But growing intensification fuelled by European subsidies meant that most farmers in this part of Ireland were having to decide between getting big or getting out. Hundreds were choosing the latter. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Hackney shooting: man dies of gunshot wounds
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Man in his 20s was pronounced dead at the scene in east London on Friday nightA man in his 20s has died following reports of a shooting in Hackney, police said.Metropolitan police were called to Brackenfield Close about 11.30pm on Friday following reports of shots being fired. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
'I'm squeaking by right now': voices of America's unemployment crisis
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The coronavirus pandemic has devastated the US economy, costing 42 million people to file for unemployment insuranceThe coronavirus pandemic has wrought destruction on US workers at a scale and speed that is almost unfathomable. It was only in February that Donald Trump was touting an unemployment level of 3.5%, a 50-year low. The unemployment rate dropped on Friday to 13.3% – but is still at its highest level since the 1980s – and many economists fear the real figure is far higher. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Nepali climbers and support staff destitute after Everest closure
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Guides, sherpas and cooks struggling to feed families due to loss of income from coronavirus measuresNepali climbers who earn a living supporting international mountaineering expeditions to summit Everest have been pushed into destitution by the cancellation of this year’s climbing season, and some are struggling to feed their families.Fundraising drives have been launched by climbers to support the community of porters and cooks and lower-paid guides left without any income since the Nepali government cancelled all climbing permits and stopped international flights, just as the peak spring trekking and climbing season was getting under way. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Care home residents foot £100 a week for coronavirus costs
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Older people and families asked to pay bill on top of usual fees as homes reel from cost of PPE and staff absencesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageSome older people who fund their own care home fees are being forced to pay a steep and unexpected coronavirus bill by their care provider, it has been revealed.Older people and their families are being asked to pay more than £100 a week on top of their usual care home fees, with homes saying the cost of PPE and staff absences could push their finances into the red, threatening their sustainability.  Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Exclusive: nearly 600 US health workers died of Covid-19 – and the toll is rising
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The Guardian and KHN release new figures showing the harsh toll that the pandemic is taking on the frontline health workersNearly 600 frontline healthcare workers have died of Covid-19, according to Lost on the Frontline, a project launched by the Guardian and Kaiser Health News (KHN) that aims to count, verify and memorialize and every healthcare worker who dies during the pandemic. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
In their own words: the protesters at the heart of America's uprising
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The killing of George Floyd sparked protests across America. Here, those who have taken to the street in Minneapolis explain what moved them to action It was a protest that sparked a wave of dissent across the country, culminating in something never seen before: Americans across all 50 states coming together to denounce police brutality and the culture of impunity that shrouds their institution. Related: Detroit's largely peaceful protests seen very differently from white suburb Continue reading... (The Guardian)
George Floyd protests give fresh impetus to UK anti-racism campaign
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Thousands have taken to the streets, prompting concerns about risks of breaking lockdown rulesIt was the week that Britain’s young people stood up against racial injustice after watching the brutal killing of George Floyd, declaring in their thousands that Black Lives Matter via a succession of passionate and largely peaceful protests that show no sign of abating.The anti-racism demonstrators, overwhelmingly aged under 30, have largely been part of a movement using the LDNBLM hashtag that has no identifiable leaders and whose events are publicised via word of mouth and social media. Continue reading... (The Guardian)