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'We had to eat our seeds for planting': 10 million in Sudan facing food shortages
28. julij 2020 (06:15)
UN warns coronavirus restrictions prevent access to most vulnerable and rising prices are leaving many going hungryAlmost a quarter of the population of Sudan are going hungry as conflict, rising food prices and the coronavirus take their toll.About 9.6 million people now face severe food shortages, the highest number recorded in the country’s recent history. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
WhatsApp confirms Catalan politician's phone was target of 2019 attack
28. julij 2020 (06:00)
Attack on Roger Torrent seen as possible act of domestic espionageWhatsApp has confirmed that the mobile phone of a leading pro-independence politician in Catalonia was targeted over its messaging app in a 2019 attack that has been condemned as a possible case of domestic espionage in Europe.In a letter to Roger Torrent, the speaker of the Catalan parliament, and obtained by the Guardian and El Pais, the company confirmed that his personal WhatsApp account was “targeted in an attempt to gain unauthorised access to data and communications on the device”. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Agencies fear hidden cholera deaths in Yemen as Covid-19 overwhelms clinics
28. julij 2020 (05:01)
Thousands of deaths potentially missed as patients avoid health centres, with both diseases set to peak in coming weeks, warn NGOsAid agencies are warning that thousands of people in Yemen could be dying undetected from cholera as people are too frightened to seek treatment in health facilities overwhelmed by coronavirus.Coronavirus cases in the war-torn country are due to peak in the coming weeks, but Oxfam has warned that health centres are seeing an unexpected drop in cholera cases, ahead of August’s rains when cholera will also increase. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Mrs America's Uzo Aduba: 'It's worth examining the shortcomings of our feminist heroes'
28. julij 2020 (05:00)
She stole the show in Orange Is the New Black. Now the actor is playing the first black woman to seek the US presidency – and rejecting suggestions she gets a ‘Hollywood smile’Shirley Chisholm was a woman of many firsts. She was the first black woman elected to Congress, the first black candidate to seek the presidency, and the first woman, full-stop, to participate in a US presidential debate. She introduced more than 50 pieces of legislation, most championing racial, economic and gender equality, and is often credited as paving the way for Barack Obama. In doing so, she occupied a space that many black women recognise: the solitary seat as the only such face at the table.Uzo Aduba, who plays Chisholm in the acclaimed new FX series Mrs America, says that this was a key factor in bringing this formidable politician to life. “That feeling of being the ‘only’,” she says, speaking via Zoom with a warm smile on her face. “It was important to get that right.” Continue reading... (The Guardian)
'Dad's a dictator, anything goes with Mum': how masks and distancing rules are dividing Britain
28. julij 2020 (05:00)
What do you do when your loved ones flout the law – or nag you about going out? As lockdown eases, attitudes to Covid-19 seem more polarised than everMichael, a 35-year-old university lecturer from Sheffield, barely speaks to his brother nowadays. For years, they had been drifting apart over political differences such as Brexit. “He hates my leftwing, liberal beliefs as much as I hate his way of looking at the world,” Michael says. “We used have a pint together occasionally, or go to a match.” But coronavirus was the final straw.Even before masks became mandatory in English shops, Michael always wore a face covering when he went shopping and did his best to maintain social distancing. His brother did not. “He says he doesn’t care if he gets Covid-19 and has flouted all the rules,” says Michael. “He loves the conspiracy theories that it came from a Wuhan lab, or that it doesn’t really exist. I am incensed by his selfish and unthinking approach.” Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Kylie Moore-Gilbert: British-Australian academic moved to notorious Iran desert prison
28. julij 2020 (02:57)
Middle East scholar, who was arrested in 2018, taken to Qarchak women’s jail, one of the most hostile institutions in the country and reportedly stricken with Covid-19A British-Australian academic serving a 10-year-prison sentence in Iran for espionage has been moved to a remote desert prison, notorious for violence and reportedly stricken with coronavirus.Cambridge-educated Kylie Moore-Gilbert, a Middle East scholar, had been held in Tehran’s Evin Prison for nearly two years, before her sudden move three days ago to Qarchak women’s prison, south-east of Tehran. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
'Smelly and create great stains': emus banned from pub in outback Australia town
28. julij 2020 (02:38)
Kevin and Carol, friendly emus who wander the town of Yaraka in Queensland, have been barred from the only pub after leaving droppings on the floor and stealing toastIt can’t be easy being an emu in outback Australia at the best of times what with the heat and the perennial droughts.But to be banned from your local pub for bad behaviour must now be added to the list of grievances inflicted upon the big birds. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Attorney general will defend aggressive US response to Portland protests
28. julij 2020 (02:19)
William Barr will tell members of a House judiciary hearing that the events in Portland are disconnected from the death of George FloydUS attorney general William Barr will defend the aggressive federal law enforcement response to civil unrest in America in a highly anticipated hearing on Tuesday, arguing that “violent rioters and anarchists have hijacked legitimate protests” sparked by George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police.Barr will tell members of the House Judiciary Committee that the violence taking place in Portland, Oregon, and other cities is disconnected from the death of Floyd, which he described as a “horrible“ event that prompted a necessary national reckoning on the relationship between Black men and law enforcement. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Almost 3 billion animals affected by Australian megafires, report shows
28. julij 2020 (02:00)
Exclusive: Bushfires ‘one of the worst wildlife disasters in modern history’, say scientists Nearly 3 billion animals were killed or displaced by Australia’s devastating bushfire season of 2019 and 2020, according to scientists who have revealed for the first time the scale of the impact on the country’s native wildlife.The Guardian has learned that an estimated 143 million mammals, 180 million birds, 51 million frogs and a staggering 2.5 billion reptiles were affected by the fires that burned across the continent. Not all the animals would have been killed by the flames or heat, but scientists say the prospects of survival for those that had withstood the initial impact was “probably not that great” due to the starvation, dehydration and predation by feral animals – mostly cats – that followed. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
New Zealand suspends Hong Kong extradition treaty over China national security law
28. julij 2020 (01:00)
Country is last of the Five Eyes alliance to take action, saying it ‘can no longer trust that Hong Kong’s criminal justice system’New Zealand has suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong following China’s imposition of a controversial national security law that gives it sweeping powers over the semi-autonomous region. “New Zealand can no longer trust that Hong Kong’s criminal justice system is sufficiently independent from China,” Winston Peters, New Zealand’s foreign minister, said in a statement on Tuesday. “If China in future shows adherence to the ‘one country, two systems’ framework then we could reconsider this decision.” Continue reading... (The Guardian)