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UK government takes £400m stake in satellite firm OneWeb
pred 17 minutami
The UK helps rescue company from bankruptcy as part of a plan to replace the EU's Galileo sat-nav system. (BBC News)
Labour: Dodds on job losses from coronavirus pandemic
pred 28 minutami
The shadow chancellor says the reward for workers after the coronavirus pandemic “cannot be a redundancy notice”. (BBC News)
Public not asked for addresses for weeks during virus tests
pred 1 uro in 41 minutami
The data in England was missing for weeks, leading to concerns about the local spread of the virus. (BBC News)
Leicester lockdown: 'More police than New Year's Eve' on patrol
pred 2 urama in 44 minutami
Police in Leicester will be monitoring for non-essential travel as pubs open outside the city. (BBC News)
French PM Edouard Philippe resigns as Macron plans new team
pred 2 urama in 56 minutami
Edouard Philippe headed President Emmanuel Macron's government for three years. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Where can I go on holiday? A guide to destinations
pred 2 urama in 57 minutami
As people in England get the green light to go abroad again, here's a look at what's in store for travellers. (BBC News)
Reckful: Tributes paid after gaming star's death
pred 2 urama in 58 minutami
Streaming platform Twitch said it was "devastated" at the loss of a "streaming pioneer". (BBC News)
Rail commuters 'need flexible season tickets after the crisis'
pred 2 urama in 58 minutami
Fares should be reformed to reflect recent changes to commuting habits, an independent watchdog says. (BBC News)
Bobby Storey funeral: O'Neill 'sorry' for grieving families' hurt
pred 2 urama in 59 minutami
NI's deputy first minister says she stuck to lockdown regulations at Bobby Storey's funeral on Tuesday. (BBC News)
'Puppy scam' reports in North Yorkshire amid pandemic
pred 3 urami in 2 minutama
Victims have been duped out of money by paying for a dog that does not exist. (BBC News)