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Conservative Party targets over-45s with Facebook Brexit ads
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Political parties’ Facebook ad campaigns are gearing up ahead of any election, BBC News research reveals. (BBC News)
Hinkley Point C: Building the UK's new 'epic' power plant
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Hinkley Point C, the UK's new nuclear power plant in Somerset, is due to open in 2025. (BBC News)
Welsh independence being 'driven by young people'
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The number of people attending marches and polls suggest support for independence is on the rise. (BBC News)
Why Booker shortlist is more taxing for some readers
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Publishers say VAT charged on e-books and audiobooks unfairly pushes up prices for the partially sighted. (BBC News)
How Scrabble became a million dollar idea.
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The BBC's Aaron Heslehurst explains how Scrabble became a million dollar idea. (BBC News)
The work experience you can do in your pyjamas
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Big companies are offering internships via the internet, but are they a valuable experience? (BBC News)
Why is the Fed pumping money into the banking system?
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The US central bank has pumped more than $200bn into the financial markets this week. Should we worry? (BBC News)
Brexitcast’s Adam Fleming shares his experience of Xavier Bettel's rooms
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The Brexitcast team share their experiences of Luxembourg PM's art collection and news conference rooms. (BBC News)
Football Leaks: Suspected hacker charged in Portugal
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Rui Pinto is accused of illegally publishing confidential files belonging to leading football clubs. (BBC News)
Dave wins Mercury Prize for his debut album Psychodrama
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His debut is named album of the year, cementing a stellar year for the London-born rapper. (BBC News)