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Venice floods: Italian city hit by highest tide in 50 years
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The mayor of Venice says he will declare a state of disaster after a high tide topped 1.87m. (BBC News)
General election 2019: Is grime still for Jeremy Corbyn?
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MCs came out in support of the Labour leader in 2017 but there's near silence from artists this time around. (BBC News)
Grace Millane trial: CCTV 'shows backpacker's body in suitcase'
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Prosecutors say the man accused of murdering Grace Millane disposed of her body using the case. (BBC News)
Australia bushfires: Fresh warnings in Queensland and New South Wales
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Huge blazes continue to rage in two drought-hit states, amid warnings of a dangerous summer. (BBC News)
Hong Kong faces more protests after clashes at university
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In the city's financial district lunchtime crowds chanted slogans and a Chinese bank was attacked. (BBC News)
In pictures: Clashes in Chile amid national strike
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Protests against inequality continue, with a strike bringing much of the country to a standstill. (BBC News)
The women carving out a new life in carpentry
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An "empowering" carpentry project is helping women who are unemployed or on probation. (BBC News)
Australia bushfires: Pregnant firefighter defends decision to fight fires
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Fourteen weeks pregnant, Kat Robinson-Williams says she must help while Australia is "in flames". (BBC News)
Prescription drugs review call after Bedford man's death
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A man died after being told to keep taking two medicines together despite having a severe reaction. (BBC News)
Tesla to build first European factory in Berlin
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Elon Musk says "outstanding" German engineering is part of the reason he picked the new factory site. (BBC News)