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Facebook: Another three billion fake profiles culled
pred 47 minutami
More than seven million "hate speech" posts were removed by the social network, also a record high. (BBC News)
Whorlton Hall: Care home abuse missed despite at least 100 official visits
pred 52 minutami
Inspectors, council staff and NHS officials went in twice week on average in the year before Panorama expose. (BBC News)
Set curfew for online money lending, say academics
pred 55 minutami
Research says late-night online access to credit means people borrow more than they can afford to repay. (BBC News)
Football coach Bob Higgins guilty of abusing trainees
pred 1 uro in 2 minutama
Bob Higgins, who "held supreme power" over young footballers' careers, is convicted of 45 offences. (BBC News)
In pictures: Brazilian inmates create fashion behind bars
pred 1 uro in 29 minutami
Models parade clothes designed and created by inmates of a maximum security jail in Brazil. (BBC News)
Transgender women given access to Hampstead Heath ponds
pred 1 uro in 44 minutami
A campaigner says the policy to allow transgender women to use a women-only pond is "absolutely disgusting". (BBC News)
John Walker Lindh: Anger as 'American Taliban' freed
pred 1 uro in 49 minutami
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says John Walker Lindh's early release is "unconscionable". (BBC News)
Fifty children saved as international paedophile ring busted
pred 1 uro in 52 minutami
Interpol believes 100 more children have suffered abuse and is working to identify them. (BBC News)
Huawei: China warns of investment blow to UK over 5G ban
pred 1 uro in 58 minutami
A top Chinese diplomat tells the BBC there could be "substantial" repercussions if the UK bars Huawei. (BBC News)
Students go online to report alleged sexual abuse
pred 2 urama in 37 minutami
An NUS official says the students are turning to social media, as they feel universities are not listening. (BBC News)