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Senate to vote on short-term funding bill to avert shutdown as deadline looms
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The Senate will vote on Thursday on a short-term funding bill to avert a government shutdown as the clock ticks down to an expiration of government funding that would trigger a shutdown if lawmakers don't act in time to prevent it.  (CNN)
The next Obama: Democrats grapple with the former president's legacy
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Joe Biden has said former President Barack Obama has nothing to apologize for. Pete Buttigieg's campaign has compared his rise in Iowa to that of Obama's a dozen years ago. Kamala Harris was once heralded as the best candidate to unite the Obama electorate.  (CNN)
Stunning testimony links Trump to abuse of power
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Gordon Sondland wrote his name in history and triggered a turning point in the House impeachment inquiry with stunning testimony implicating the President in an abuse of power.  (CNN)
8 takeaways from last night's Democratic debate
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Democratic voters are overwhelmingly focused on finding a candidate they believe can beat President Donald Trump. In Wednesday night's debate, the party's leading contenders offered their clearest arguments yet about how they plan to do that.  (CNN)
Booker criticizes Biden's opposition to legalizing marijuana: 'I thought you might have been high'
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Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey criticized former Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday for his recent comments opposing the legalization of marijuana on the federal level.  (CNN)
Live fact check of the fifth Democratic debate
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Welcome to CNN's fact check coverage of the fifth Democratic presidential primary debate. We will be posting our fact checks of the candidates' claims as we complete them.  (CNN)
Analysis: Gordon Sondland delivers the goods
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Gordon Sondland testified he spent a million dollars to get a ticket to Donald Trump's inauguration. It also got him an ambassadorship and a starring role in Trump's impeachment.  (CNN)
Chris Cillizza's winners and losers from the fifth Democratic debate
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The fifth Democratic debate of the 2020 presidential campaign is in the books.  (CNN)
Klobuchar: If you think a woman can't beat Trump, 'Nancy Pelosi does it every single day'
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Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota said Wednesday that if American voters think a woman can't beat President Donald Trump in next year's presidential election, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi "does it every single day."  (CNN)
Graham: Report on FBI's handling of Russia probe will be released December 9
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Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz's report into the FBI's handling of the Russia investigation will be released December 9, Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham said Wednesday night.  (CNN)