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Meet the men who might be 2020's first spouse
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There are vast differences among the more than a dozen Democrats who have thrown their hats in the ring for the 2020 presidential race, but six of them have something significant in common: Should one of them win, their husband would become the first-ever first spouse.  (CNN)
Analysis: Some Democrats want to completely overhaul the US government
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The list of big systemic changes that some Democratic presidential candidates are pushing is long and getting longer.  (CNN)
Trump says China tariffs may stay for 'a substantial period of time'
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President Donald Trump has warned that US tariffs on $250 billion of Chinese exports are unlikely to go away anytime soon — even if the two countries reach a deal to end their trade war.  (CNN)
7 things to know before the bell
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1. Brexit fears: The pound is under pressure as Britain plunges deeper into Brexit chaos.  (CNN)
Analysis: UK PM risks violence and loses even more allies
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Nikki Haley is criticized for her comment on health care in Finland
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The top Finnish envoy to the United Nations joined a chorus of people slamming Nikki Haley for saying the European nation's health care system is lacking compared to that of the United States.  (CNN)
Trump claims he wants Mueller findings public. Hmm.
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Donald Trump, the President who refused to release his tax returns, just made an unexpected gesture towards transparency, saying he'd be happy for Americans to see Robert Mueller's final report.  (CNN)
Hickenlooper: Why are female Democratic candidates not being asked if they'd pick a man as VP?
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Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper said Wednesday that he would consider putting a woman on his presidential ticket, and then asked why female Democratic presidential candidates are not being asked if they would select a man as their running mate.  (CNN)
John Hickenlooper explains why he went to see an X-rated movie with his mother
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John Hickenlooper, the former Democratic governor of Colorado who is running for president, went into great detail on Wednesday evening explaining the time he took his mother to see an X-rated movie at a theater in the 1970s.  (CNN)