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Fact Check: Trump disputes HHS IG report, repeats several other false claims at Monday's coronavirus briefing
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During his coronavirus briefing Monday, President Donald Trump clashed with reporters and made a number of false and misleading claims. Here's our fact check below, which will be updated as we check his claims.  (CNN)
Analysis: Trump angrily lashes out when confronted with critiques of coronavirus response
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President Donald Trump's contempt for science and disdain for experts who question his political narratives are driving his increasingly defensive and brittle management of the coronavirus pandemic.  (CNN)
Supreme Court draws battle lines for voting amid coronavirus pandemic
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Until Monday night, the Supreme Court had been moving gingerly, sitting on a tinderbox of blockbuster cases and carefully navigating the new Covid-19 world.  (CNN)
Trump says he may 'get involved' in case of Navy captain removed from duty
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President Donald Trump said Monday that he may "get involved" in the case of Navy captain removed from the command of the USS Theodore Roosevelt.  (CNN)
Even with a pandemic, many older Americans are carrying on as usual
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Last week, a 99-year-old New Jersey man who went to an engagement party was arrested in New Jersey for defying the state's ban on gatherings. In a separate case, a 100-year-old man violated a stay-at-home order by attending a funeral.  (CNN)
Venezuelan refugees are returning home amid the coronavirus pandemic
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Venezuelans who once fled their homes for neighboring Colombia are now returning to their country.  (CNN)
Ventilators don't operate on their own. Why respiratory therapists are key to coronavirus treatment
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The rapid spread of coronavirus has sent states scrambling to buy ventilators to prepare for a coming apex of cases.  (CNN)
US coronavirus death count likely an underestimate. Here's why
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Health experts are warning the national count of Covid-19 deaths in the United States could be underestimated as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread.  (CNN)
Bipartisan group of senators calls on Trump to address protective equipment shortage for first responders
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A bipartisan group of senators sent a letter to President Donald Trump on Monday calling for him to "lead a strong, coordinated federal effort to support first responders" by addressing a national shortage of personal protective equipment as the US fights the coronavirus crisis.  (CNN)
Trump approves New York request to treat coronavirus patients on Navy hospital ship
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President Donald Trump said Monday that he would be granting New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo's request to convert a hospital ship docked off of Manhattan to treat novel coronavirus patients.  (CNN)