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Airline stocks have soared. They're not in the clear yet
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Air travel in the United States is back. That's great news for airline stocks, which have rallied this year on hopes that domestic trips would make a return.  (CNN)
Fragile democracy slips into dictatorship
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Nicaragua's already fragile democracy is quickly backsliding into a dictatorship.  (CNN)
Iran's hardline presidential frontrunner could take the country back to a dark past
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The list of challenges facing Iran's next president would confound the most capable of leaders.  (CNN)
I'm a journalist and the Trump administration tried to secretly obtain tens of thousands of my emails
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Finally, it is now an appropriate time for me to speak out on the Trump administration's months long efforts to secretly gain access to tens of thousands of my 2017 work and personal emails and my work and personal phone records.  (CNN)
'Her instinct is to dig in': Kamala Harris' struggles to answer border question seen as part of a pattern
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Several allies and former aides to Vice President Kamala Harris had "flashbacks" last week as they watched her fumble a politically sensitive question during her first foreign trip, seeing the misstep as part of a broader pattern of messaging challenges that have dogged her since her presidential campaign.  (CNN)
They say he once protected Biden. Now jailed American's parents want President to stand up for their son
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The parents of a former US Marine imprisoned in Russia are pleading with Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin to work out a deal to send him home.  (CNN)
Education Secretary tells White House reopening schools is 'challenging for all'
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Much work still has to be done on getting all students back to the classroom, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona writes to White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain, in a memo obtained exclusively by CNN.  (CNN)
Education chief tells White House reopening schools is 'challenging for all'
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US Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona says there "is much work to be done" to continue the progress being made on school reopenings nationwide. He notes the biggest challenges include aging school buildings and ventilation, adequate transportation, and ensuring overall equity and access to education, according to a memo Cardona sent President Biden's Chief of Staff Ron Klain on Friday that was obtained exclusively by CNN.  (CNN)
Biden's agenda hits roadblocks in Congress as he preaches democracy overseas
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As President Joe Biden makes the case for democracy overseas, his agenda back home is facing major obstacles in Washington, where early progress on several key items has stalled in Congress.  (CNN)