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Trump sees political win in racist jabs that also surprised aides
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President Donald Trump's initial racist jab at a foursome of Democratic congresswomen came as a surprise -- and not a pleasant one -- to many of his aides, who began texting about how to defend their boss' tweets minutes after he fired them off.  (CNN)
Here are the 2020 Democratic candidates who qualify for CNN's debate
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The field is set for CNN's Democratic primary debates later this month.  (CNN)
White GOP congressman says he isn't offended by racist Trump tweets because 'I'm a person of color'
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A white Republican congressman said Tuesday that he isn't offended by President Donald Trump's racist attacks on four Democratic congresswomen of color because he's "a person of color."  (CNN)
Former Texas judge leaves Republican Party: Trump's 'ideology is racism'
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A former Texas judge and longtime Republican announced this week she has left the Republican Party, denouncing President Donald Trump's "ideology" of "racism" on the heels of Trump's racist attacks on four Democratic congresswomen of color.  (CNN)
Trump critic Justin Amash welcomes potential Sanford presidential run
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South Carolina Republican Mark Sanford already has one supporter in Congress for his potential long-shot bid to challenge President Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary: newly independent Michigan Rep. Justin Amash.  (CNN)
Man accused of killing teen internet personality Bianca Devins is charged with murder
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He's accused of killing a teen internet personality and posting gruesome photos of her body online.  (CNN)
Trump rallies support as House votes on his presidency
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DNC warns 2020 campaigns not to use FaceApp 'developed by Russians'
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The Democratic National Committee sent a security alert to 2020 presidential campaigns Wednesday afternoon warning them not to use the popular smartphone application FaceApp, CNN has learned.  (CNN)
John Lewis on Trump in emotional speech: 'I know racism when I feel it'
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Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis delivered an emotional speech condemning President Donald Trump's racist tweets on Tuesday, slamming the President for using racist language against four Democratic congresswomen of color.  (CNN)
USDA: More than half of eligible workers refuse assignment to Kansas City
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More than half of the employees from two research agencies at the Department of Agriculture slated to relocate from the Washington area have refused reassignment to Kansas City, the department said Wednesday.  (CNN)