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Federal judge halts California law forcing Trump to release tax returns to qualify for ballot
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A federal judge has ordered a temporary injunction against the California law requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns to secure a spot on the state's presidential primary ballot -- a law aimed at President Donald Trump, who has not released his tax returns.  (CNN)
Trump's phone calls with foreign leaders are everything you think they would be
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He angrily hung up on the Australian Prime Minister. He dialed Mexico's President as a room full of reporters watched. And he's distributed his personal cell-phone number to at least two world leaders, urging them to call directly.  (CNN)
Marianne Williamson entertained 9/11 conspiracy theories in 2012 interview
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Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson once entertained 9/11 conspiracy theories on a radio show hosted by a prominent "truther" who claimed that the World Trade Center attacks were orchestrated by a "Zionist organized crime outfit."  (CNN)
Buttigieg swipes at Warren for being 'evasive' on health care
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Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg slammed Sen. Elizabeth Warren's adopted "Medicare for All" plan on Thursday, calling her "extremely evasive" when it came to whether or not the proposal calls for raising taxes on the middle class.  (CNN)
House passes short-term funding bill to avert a government shutdown
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The House of Representatives on Thursday passed a bill to temporarily extend funding for the federal government and avert a shutdown at the end of the month.  (CNN)
iOS 13 is available to download now. Here's what's new
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After months of waiting, Apple's new software update for iPhones is almost here.  (CNN)
Emily Clyburn, civil rights activist and wife to House majority whip, dies at 80
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Emily Clyburn, the longtime librarian, civil rights activist and wife to Rep. Jim Clyburn, the highest-ranking African American member of Congress, died Thursday morning at the age of 80, the congressman's office announced.  (CNN)
Bernie Sanders campaign hits 1 million donors
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Sen. Bernie Sanders has received contributions from 1 million donors, his 2020 campaign announced Thursday.  (CNN)
Amazon wanted to hire 30,000 workers. More than 200,000 applied
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In the week after Amazon announced plans to fill 30,000 jobs in the US, the company was deluged with more than 208,000 online applications. That's more than 18 job applications uploaded per minute.  (CNN)
The Point: The 26 most off-the-rails lines from Donald Trump's press gaggle aboard Air Force One
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As President Donald Trump jetted back to Washington after several days on the West Coast, he ventured to the press seats on Air Force One to talk to reporters, and talk he did!  (CNN)