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General election: Tory majority government would lead to 'disastrous' no-deal Brexit, says Gauke – live news
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The prime minister will deliver the first big set-piece speech of the campaign as Labour pledges £26bn extra per year for NHSSign up to the Guardian’s morning briefingThe leave-voting seat where the library matters as much as BrexitLabour vows £26bn rescue plan for NHSFarage working in cahoots with Boris Johnson, says Rayner 10.31am GMT From YouGov’s Chris Curtis, on the latest YouGov poll out yesterdayTwo party vote share has now hit 70%, the highest it has been in a YouGov poll since March.Hard to imagine now, but back in June it fell as low as 36%. 10.24am GMT Here is Sky’s Lewis Goodall on Boris Johnson’s onanism remark. (See 9.43am.)Boris Johnson’s strength and weakness in a .-gets attention. Diverts attention from more serious issues.-But adverts to his lack of seriousness/immaturity, something which comes up a lot with voters.-most won’t get his joke anyway. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Local party official shot dead by soldier in Lebanon protests
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First reported death after weeks of unrest could inflame an already tense stalemate A local political party official has been shot dead by a soldier in southern Beirut, becoming the first casualty of Lebanon’s nearly month-long protest movement.Lebanon said the killing occurred in the Khalde area on Tuesday evening when a soldier tried to disperse a crowd of protesters by firing warning shots, and hit the man. The soldier has been detained and an investigation is under way, the army said. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Yuendumu shooting: NT police officer charged with murder over death of Kumanjayi Walker
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The 19-year-old died after he was shot at Yuendumu, 300 kilometres from Alice SpringsA Northern Territory police officer has been charged with murder over last weekend’s shooting of 19-year-old Indigenous man Kumanjayi Walker.Walker died after he was shot at Yuendumu, 300 kilometres from Alice Springs, on Saturday night when two police officers went there to arrest him for breaches of his suspended sentence. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
NSW and Queensland fires: no letup for exhausted communities as bushfires flare 'all around us'
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Residents like Ian Wheeler have spent days engulfed in smoke, as bushfires rip through more than 1 million hectares on Australia’s east coastIan Wheeler’s bloodshot eyes say more about the last four days in the so-small-it-barely-registers village of Killabakh, on the New South Wales mid-north coast, than he ever could.Along with his partner, April Walsh, Wheeler spent Wednesday the same way he’s spent every day since Sunday: engulfed in smoke. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Tesla cites Brexit as Germany chosen over UK for European plant
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US electric carmaker will build battery factory in Berlin, says boss Elon MuskTesla’s boss Elon Musk has said Brexit uncertainty played a role in the firm’s decision to build its first European factory in Germany rather than the UK.The billionaire entrepreneur revealed that the firm’s European battery plant would be built on the outskirts of Berlin. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Lady Warsi hits out at Tory failure to tackle Islamophobia
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Conservative peer says party has been ‘dismissive’ in tackling problem within its ranksLatest election news - live updatesThe Conservative peer Lady Warsi has issued a scathing attack on the Conservative party over its failure to tackle Islamophobia among its ranks.Warsi, who has been a vocal critic of the Tories’ handling of anti-Muslim sentiment within the party, accused the party of having an institutional problem with dealing with the issue. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Neighbours meet to plot path out of Chile crisis amid exasperation at elite
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Hundreds of town hall-style meetings – cabildos – are taking place to debate causes and solutions of the current unrestIn the dappled shade of Santiago’s Parque Almagro, hundreds of Chileans sat immersed in conversation, reflecting on the past, present and future of their country.As strikes and protests continue across the country, tens of thousands of people have attended spontaneous town hall meetings to seek a way out of more than a month of sometimes violent political unrest. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
New Zealand to vote in referendum on euthanasia
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If passed, referendum will allow assisted dying for terminally ill if doctors approveNew Zealand is to become the first country in the world to put euthanasia to a binding public vote after its lawmakers passed a bill laying out what the country’s assisted dying regime would be.The law, which would allow terminally ill people with less than six months to live to choose assisted dying if approved by two doctors, passed its final reading in parliament in the capital, Wellington, on Wednesday by 69 votes to 51. It was a conscience vote, meaning that most lawmakers did not vote along party lines. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Portraits of Hong Kong's masked protesters – in pictures
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For many protesters in Hong Kong, identity is entwined with surveillance and their masks shield them from the dangers of government identification. Curious about the young demonstrators behind these masks, Associated Press photographer Felipe Dana set out to take portraits of themProtesters in Hong Kong use masks, umbrellas and top-to-bottom black outfits not only protect themselves from physical threats such as the riot police’s teargas and rubber bullets, but also from the invisible dangers of government identification and tracking. By obscuring their faces, individuals melt into a sea of plastic canopies, anonymous and united in a shared distrust of the authorities. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Hong Kong in chaos as protesters gather at universities with bows and arrows
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Campuses become latest battleground after months of protests that have brought the city to a standstillHong Kong was paralysed on Wednesday, with riot police making arrests in a busy business district, much of the city’s public transport suspended and all universities closed following sharp clashes overnight with anti-government protesters.Around lunch time, hundreds of protesters in office outfits took to the streets in Central, the city’s most prestigious business district, for the third day in a row. Bricks were strewn across the normally busy, traffic-filled thoroughfares as white-collar workers shouted slogans. Some held placards emblazoned: “Do not shoot our young people!” Continue reading... (The Guardian)