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Storm Imelda lashes Texas with 'life-threatening' amounts of rainfall – video
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More than 1,000 people have been evacuated after Tropical Storm Imelda brought chaos to Texas with up to 40 inches of rainfall and flash flooding. Governor Greg Abbott declared 13 counties disaster zones as the National Weather Service warned 'life-threatening amounts of rainfall' had fallen, with more expected over ThursdayTropical Storm Imelda: more than 1,000 rescued as floodwaters swamp Texas Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Australian Jock Palfreeman paroled after 11 years in Bulgarian jail
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Palfreeman was sentenced to 20 years for murder but has always maintained he was trying to help a man who was being attacked in SofiaAn Australian, Jock Palfreeman, has been unexpectedly granted parole after serving 11 years behind bars for murder in Bulgaria.Palfreeman, now 32, was serving a 20-year sentence for fatally stabbing a Bulgarian law student, Andrei Monov, 23, during a brawl in the capital, Sofia, in 2007. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
How will Justin Trudeau's blackface photos affect Canada's election?
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Incident has landed the prime minister in hot water as his Liberal party fights to secure another term in a tightly contested electionCanadians have long been aware that Justin Trudeau likes to dress up.His tendency to appropriate dress and customs from other cultures has prompted gentle mockery from rival politicians and the media: on a trip to India last year, he was photographed in a kurta on numerous occasions. He has Indigenous art tattooed his shoulder. He wears Ramadan socks and dances to bhangra music. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Feeling blue: US woman treated by doctors after blood turned navy
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Woman, 25, diagnosed with methemoglobinemiaDoctors say numbing agent for toothache to blameIt turns out that “feeling blue” is not a figure of speech after all.A 25-year-old woman has given new meaning to the expression after she turned up at a Rhode Island hospital with blood that had turned navy blue. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Justin Trudeau says he does not remember how many times he wore blackface – video
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Justin Trudeau has apologised for the second time in 24 hours for wearing blackface - but said he was unable to confirm whether there were further instances yet to come to light. The Canadian prime minister claimed he was 'wary about being definitive' about how many times he had done so. Trudeau said he recognised his behaviour had been 'absolutely unacceptable' and caused hurt to minority communities.Trudeau's re-election campaign was rocked when Time magazine published an image of him wearing blackface at a 2001 'Arabian nights' party. In an apology, Trudeau admitted to wearing blackface while at high school. Hours later, Global News published a video appearing to show a separate incident with Trudeau wearing dark skin makeup on his face, arms and legs.Trudeau scrambles to halt damage as third blackface incident emerges Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Mosquito fumigation may have caused mystery 'Havana syndrome', study says
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Trump administration had charged that cognitive ailments of Canadian and US diplomats were caused by use of a secret weaponFumigation against mosquitoes and not “sonic attacks” may have caused the mysterious illness which afflicted some 40 US and Canadian diplomats in Cuba, according to a new study commissioned by the Canadian government.The incidents took place from late 2016 into 2018, causing the administration of Donald Trump to charge that diplomats had been attacked by some sort of secret weapon. Canada has refrained from such charges. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Malta urged to drop libel lawsuits against Daphne Caruana Galizia
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Council of Europe warns cases transferred to late journalist’s family jeopardise sourcesThe Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner has urged Malta to drop libel lawsuits against murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, according to a letter to the country’s leader.In her letter, dated 12 September to the prime minister, Joseph Muscat, commissioner Dunja Mijatović said that when Caruana Galizia was killed in October 2017 by a car bomb the journalist was facing more than 40 civil and criminal defamation suits. After her death, some 30 were transferred to her family under a Maltese civil law that allows claimants to pursue actions against the heirs of a deceased defendant. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Rise of the far right: a disturbing mix of hateful ideologies
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UK counter-terrorism police provide insight into dangerous rise of rightwing extremism and efforts to tackle itOn Thursday, senior counter-terror police officers provided a rare insight into the threat from extreme-right terrorism as they see it, revealing the scale of the problem and some of the motives behind its rise. Related: Fastest-growing UK terrorist threat is from far right, say police Continue reading... (The Guardian)
US dials back Iran rhetoric and seeks 'peaceful resolution' over Saudi attack
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Mike Pompeo says goal is to ‘get back on the diplomatic path’ following Trump’s remarks that the US was ‘locked and loaded’The US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, has said Washington and its allies were seeking a “peaceful resolution” with Iran in the wake of the attack on Saudi oil facilities, making clear that Washington would limit its initial response to further sanctions.Pompeo’s remarks, made on his return trip to Washington after visits to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, mark a significant cooling of rhetoric after Donald Trump had warned the US was “locked and loaded” and Pompeo had said the attack, which he blamed on Iran, was “an act of war”. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
'Not fit to govern': opposition leaders react to Trudeau blackface images – video
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Justin Trudeau has been branded ‘hurtful’ and ‘hypocritical’ by leaders of Canada’s main opposition parties after images emerged of him wearing blackface.Jagmeet Singh, leader of the Canadian New Democrats, said they showed a pattern of behaviour that ‘makes light of the struggles people face’ that raised questions about Trudeau’s character. Andrew Scheer, leader of the Canadian Conservatives, said Trudeau had ‘lost the moral authority to govern’.Time magazine published an image of Trudeau wearing blackface as part of an Aladdin costume at a 2001 function at a school where he was teaching. Trudeau apologised and also acknowledged another incident where he had worn blackface during high school. Hours later, Global News published a video clip, apparently of another incident in which he had worn dark skin makeup.Justin Trudeau blackface: details emerge of third incident Continue reading... (The Guardian)