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The US and Canada have lost three billion birds since 1970
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The US and Canada have lost almost 3 billion birds since 1970, in a dramatic decline researchers are calling an "overlooked biodiversity crisis" (New Scientist)
Some planets may orbit a supermassive black hole instead of a star
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Planets normally form gradually from the disk of dust around a star. But the same thing could happen around black holes, forming thousands of super heavy planets (New Scientist)
This is almost certainly not what Denisovans looked like
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A team has used DNA from an ancient fingerbone to predict what our extinct cousins the Denisovans looked like but the method is unlikely to be accurate (New Scientist)
UN climate summit: Scientists’ messages to world leaders
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Greta Thunberg has urged the US Congress to "listen to the scientists". Here's what climate scientists have to say ahead of next week's UN climate summit (New Scientist)
A hat that zaps the scalp with electricity helps reverse male balding
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A scientist has designed an electric skin patch that stimulated fur growth in hairless mice and reversed his dad’s balding, and has now been made into a hat (New Scientist)
Man sees the world in miniature after a stroke damages his brain
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A man perceives all objects and people as 30 per cent smaller after having a stroke, making it difficult to navigate doorways and judge his clothing size (New Scientist)
People like the idea of a carbon tax - if the money is put to good use
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Survey of people in the US suggests the public will support carbon taxes high enough to produce big emissions cuts - if they approve of how the revenue is used (New Scientist)
Climate change will boost risk of extreme flooding in northern Europe
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Climate change will increase the risk of heavy rainfall and storm surges combining to cause extreme flooding around the UK, Germany and other parts of northern Europe (New Scientist)
Fast swimming fish robot could perform underwater surveillance
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Tunabot, a fish-inspired robot, can swim faster than most other swimming bots and could be used for underwater monitoring and surveillance (New Scientist)
Meltwater from Greenland could raise sea level an extra 7 centimetres
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Melting and refreezing is turning the absorbent surface snow of Greenland into solid ice, an effect that could contribute to sea level rises (New Scientist)