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A type of antibiotics can cause hearing loss - and now we know why
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Aminoglycoside antibiotics can save lives, but the drugs can also cause hearing loss because of the toxic effect they have on sensory cells in the ear (New Scientist)
Artificial skin can sense 1000 times faster than human nerves
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An artificial skin inspired by the human nervous system can sense pressure and temperature. It has been tested on a robotic hand and improved the hand's ability to grasp a cup of coffee (New Scientist)
A drastic plan might prevent catastrophic Antarctic ice sheet collapse
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Pumping huge volumes of ocean water onto the West Antarctic ice sheet may stop it collapsing and causing a dramatic sea level rise that would threaten New York (New Scientist)
Life’s winners think success was earned even if it was down to luck
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People who win in a card game that involves almost no skill and was rigged in their favour tend to think the game was fair and that success was down to talent (New Scientist)
Parasite brings down mosquito numbers in parts of Guangzhou
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The number of biting Asian tiger mosquitoes, which spread dengue and Chikungunya, has been reduced by more than 80 per cent at two sites in Guangzhou, China (New Scientist)
Costa Rica is banning the use of polystyrene packaging from 2021
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Costa Rica lawmakers are to ban the import of expanded polystyrene packaging in a bid to curb its damaging effects on the environment and human health (New Scientist)
Gum disease treatment for Alzheimer’s lowers signs of inflammation
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A small trial testing a new kind of treatment for Alzheimer’s that blocks the toxins of P. gingivalis bacteria has had some encouraging preliminary results (New Scientist)
Planning to carbon offset your flight? You should read this first
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Carbon offsetting seems like an easy solution to climate guilt, but not all offsetting schemes are created equal (New Scientist)
Elon Musk's plans for mind-controlled gadgets: what we know so far
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Elon Musk’s company Neuralink has finally broken its silence, unveiling a brain-computer interface it says people could use to control devices with their minds (New Scientist)
Drones could be used to herd rhinos away from poaching hotspots
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It’s costly to protect southern white rhinos from poachers, but a study suggests the vulnerable animals could be deterred from poaching hotspots using drones (New Scientist)