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Alesha MacPhail: Teenager Aaron Campbell admits rape and murder of girl, 6, on Isle of Bute ahead of his sentencing
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The 16-year-old boy who abducted, raped and murdered six-year-old Alesha MacPhail has admitted his crimes ahead of his sentencing. (London News)
Theresa May's attack on MPs backfires as they say: we have numbers to beat you
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Theresa May heads to Europe to plead for a postponement beyond March 29 Sir Oliver Letwin's group redrafts amendment designed to let MPs take control PM said to be 'overwhelmed by frustration' when she attacked MPs during televised address last night Follow the latest Brexit developments LIVE (London News)
Boxer killed my brother with a single blow... now he's fighting again
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The family of a student killed by a single punch from a boxer during a row in the street today criticised his return to the ring. (London News)
Big Ben's iconic clock face restored to original blue colour
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Big Ben's famous clock face has been unveiled in its new blue colour following more than a year of restoration. (London News)
Birmingham mosque attacks probed by counter-terror police
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Counter-terror police are investigating after five mosques in Birmingham had their windows smashed. (London News)
Fewer than 20 per cent of Brits think Theresa May can get good Brexit deal, poll shows
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Fewer than one in five people think Theresa May now can pull off a good Brexit deal, an exclusive poll reveals today. (London News)
Polar Vortex: Lake Michigan covered in stunning ice shards as warmer weather hits frozen surface
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Spring weather caused shards of ice to pile up across Lake Michigan in the US after it froze early this winter. (London News)
'No way' more will be charged over Stephen Lawrence murder, says friend
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The best friend of Stephen Lawrence does not believe any more suspects will face justice for the killing. (London News)
Donald Trump: last pocket of ISIS in Syria 'gone by tonight'
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US President Donald Trump has said the last pocket of Islamic State's land would be "gone by tonight". (London News)
New Zealand ban on military-style guns to come into force from next month after Christchurch shootings
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Military-style semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles will be banned in New Zealand from next month under tough new laws announced today by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. (London News)