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Manchester police declare major incident after 'highly toxic' chemical taken from stolen van
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A major incident has been declared by Manchester police after a "highly toxic" chemical was taken from a stolen van. (London News)
Almost 20,000 care home residents have died with coronavirus, according to latest ONS figures
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Boris Johnson described the "whole issue of what happened in care homes" as "absolutely tragic" (London News)
Two London paramedics among first couples to get married when ban on wedding ceremonies is lifted
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Two London paramedics will be among the first couples to get married when the ban on wedding ceremonies is lifted tomorrow . (London News)
Boris Johnson dodges questions about father Stanley's trip to Greek holiday home: I think you really ought to raise that with him
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The Prime Minister said: "I'm not going get into details of family conversations." (London News)
PPE-clad paramedics to be deployed across London for Super Saturday as public urged to help 'exhausted' workers
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"We are asking the public to protect the NHS by behaving appropriately, sensibly and responsibly" (London News)
'Conditional unconditional' university offers banned until September 2021
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An education regulator has announced that "conditional unconditional" university offers will be banned until September 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. (London News)
Super Saturday: Showers to dampen pub-goers as wind and rain hits England over the weekend
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Pub-goers will be hit with showers over the weekend as parts of the hospitality sector reopen after the coronavirus lockdown in England. (London News)
French prime minister Edouard Philippe resigns with Government reshuffle expected
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French prime minister Edouard Philippe has resigned, officials confirmed. (London News)
Buckingham Palace unveils colourful flowerbeds in tribute to NHS workers ahead of the health service's 72nd anniversary
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It's the first change of design the Memorial Gardens have witnessed in decades - possibly since the First World War (London News)
Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest reopens Jeffrey Epstein case and hopes of learning the truth
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When Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself in his prison cell in Manhattan last August as he awaited trial on sex trafficking charges, it wasn't just his own life he cut short. He cheated efforts by the many women he was accused of abusing to obtain justice. (London News)