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Grace Millane murder trial: British backpacker's shallow grave where body found in suitcase shown to jury
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The shallow grave where British backpacker Grace Millane was found stuffed inside a suitcase has been shown to the jury in her murder trial in New Zealand. (London News)
Countries should consider banning 'dangerous' vaping as new research says it could damage 'brain, heart, blood vessels and lungs'
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E-cigarettes are "so dangerous and addictive" that countries should consider banning them, cardiologists have warned. (London News)
General election news LIVE: Boris Johnson set to declare UK can end 'groundhoggery of Brexit' in first major speech of campaign
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Boris Johnson will make his first major speech of the general election today and will insist the UK cannot afford to "squander" any more time deciding how or when to leave the EU. (London News)
Teenage activist Greta Thunberg set to sail across Atlantic for second time on carbon-free racing yacht
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Teenage activist Greta Thunberg is set to sail across the Atlantic for the second time in just a few months after a global climate meeting was moved to Spain. (London News)
Your morning briefing: What you should know for Wednesday, November 13
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The top stories you're waking up to Listen to your Morning Bulletin on Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa smart speakers or via Noa from 7am every weekday (London News)
General Election 2019 PolicyWatch: Labour NHS 'rescue' plan, Conservative clean energy 'revolution' and Lib Dem £500m fund to tackle knife crime
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Labour has pledged to create an NHS 'rescue' fund, the Tories are planning a clean-energy "revolution" and the Lib Dems have vowed to set aside £500 million to tackle knife crime. (London News)
Grace Millane murder trial: Backpacker's parents weep as they see CCTV of 'killer' taking body to woods
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Grace Millane's parents today wept in court as they watched CCTV footage of their daughter's body being taken in a suitcase to the woods by her alleged killer. (London News)
Boris Johnson's tea-making skills called into question as he is filmed making brew in election broadcast
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Boris Johnson's tea-making skills have been called into question by voters after he was filmed pouring himself a cuppa in an election broadcast on Twitter. (London News)
George Pell: Cardinal granted final chance to challenge child sexual abuse conviction
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Cardinal George Pell has been allowed a final chance to challenge his conviction for historical child sexual abuse. (London News)
General election 2019: Labour vows to out spend Tories on health with £26bn 'rescue plan' for NHS
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Labour will today vow to outspend the Tories on health funding as they unveil a £26 billion "rescue plan" for the NHS ahead of the general election. (London News)