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Football coach Bob Higgins guilty of abusing trainees
pred 1 uro in 35 minutami
Bob Higgins, who "held supreme power" over young footballers' careers, is convicted of 45 offences. (BBC News)
Transgender women given access to Hampstead Heath ponds
pred 2 urama in 17 minutami
A campaigner says the policy to allow transgender women to use a women-only pond is "absolutely disgusting". (BBC News)
Students go online to report alleged sexual abuse
pred 3 urami in 10 minutami
An NUS official says the students are turning to social media, as they feel universities are not listening. (BBC News)
Sultan of Brunei hands back Oxford degree over LGBT laws
pred 3 urami in 23 minutami
Oxford University wrote to the leader of Brunei expressing "concerns" about strict new Islamic laws. (BBC News)
Bob Higgins: The Southampton football coach who abused boys
pred 3 urami in 49 minutami
How Bob Higgins was able to groom and abuse young footballers over the course of two decades. (BBC News)
Care minister Caroline Dinenage 'deeply sorry' over hospital abuse
pred 5 urami in 37 minutami
Caroline Dinenage MP calls treatment of vulnerable patients in NHS-funded hospital "appalling". (BBC News)
Roy of the Rovers tackles women's football in World Cup comic
pred 5 urami in 40 minutami
Rocky of the Rovers: France 2019 will be a "live" comic starring Roy's sister. (BBC News)
Michael Bublé FaceTimes Birmingham fan from stage during show
pred 6 urami in 12 minutami
Crooner Michael Bublé sang to a Birmingham fan who could not afford tickets to his show. (BBC News)
Whorlton Hall: Minister 'deeply sorry' for hospital abuse
pred 6 urami in 38 minutami
The Whorlton Hall abuse - uncovered by BBC Panorama - is "appalling", says Caroline Dinenage. (BBC News)
Cliff-climbing teens 'close to disaster' in Torquay
pred 6 urami in 56 minutami
A holidaymaker photographs a group of teenagers clambering over rocks in Torquay. (BBC News)