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Coronavirus: Retired NI teachers urged to return for Easter
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Peter Weir asks retired teachers and classroom assistants to help supervise key workers' children. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: NI's MoT centres to be used for virus testing
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Balmoral, one of the centres repurposed for drive-through Covid-19 testing, will open later. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Boris Johnson spends night in intensive care after symptoms worsen
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World leaders send Boris Johnson messages of support, as Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab stands in for him in government. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: The council workers switching roles to help the vulnerable
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A look at how one Scottish local authority is delivering vital services during the lockdown. (BBC News)
'I'm a frontline carer but I feel undervalued'
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Care worker Precious Omoruyi says she was turned away from a supermarket during an NHS-only time slot. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Girl, nine, delivers pizza on remote-controlled car
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Elodie Press brings a slice of happiness to her neighbours during the coronavirus lockdown. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Warning over daily death figures
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Spikes or dips may in part reflect bottlenecks in the reporting system, rather than real changes in the trend. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Hospices warn they could close as virus hits fundraising
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Charities are warning they will need government and public support to provide palliative care. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Scientists question school closures impact
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Countries should now question whether keeping schools shut is justified, says one team of scientists. (BBC News)
Coronavirus: Thousands missed off government's 'high risk' list
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Transplant patients and people with lung diseases are among those who have been missed off the list. (BBC News)