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Top shots from the 2018 French Open
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         (USA Today)
Bangladesh anti-drug operation leads to dozens of deaths
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More than 70 people are killed by security forces as part of an operation under way in the country. (BBC News)
Kim Jong-un 'committed' to Trump summit, says president of South Korea
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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is committed to sitting down with President Donald Trump and to a "complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula", the president of South Korea has said. (London News)
Theresa May facing calls for abortion reform in NI
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A number of senior Conservatives are backing calls for change after a historic vote in Ireland. (BBC News)
'Life is precious': Donegal quietly defiant after voting no in referendum
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Donegal was only constituency in Ireland to vote against repealing eighth amendmentIn Donegal town on Sunday, it was not immediately apparent that Ireland had just held one of the most significant votes in its history. The morning after it emerged that Ireland had voted by a landslide to liberalise abortion laws, the campaign posters still blanketing the rest of the country had already been taken down, and the badges so prominent in other counties were nowhere to be seen. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Ethiopia pardons abducted Briton on death row
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Regime critic Andargachew Tsege was seized during stopover in Yemen in 2014A Briton who has spent four years on death row in Ethiopia after being abducted at an airport in Yemen has been pardoned.Andargachew Tsege, an opponent of the regime in Addis Ababa, first came to the UK in 1979. He holds British citizenship and was sentenced to death in his absence nine years ago. His family in London hope he will be able to return to them soon. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Labour deputy leader Tom Watson and Alastair Campbell trade blows in furious debate over Brexit
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Labour deputy leader Tom Watson told Alastair Campbell "you know longer decide Labour policy" during a furious debate over Brexit. (London News)
After Ireland says Yes to abortion, what next for Northern Ireland?
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The successful campaign to repeal Ireland's Eighth Amendment turns to face the north. (BBC News)
Greitens scandal looms large in Missouri's Senate race -- and doesn't show signs of going away
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On a recent tour of a mid-Missouri manufacturer, state Attorney General Josh Hawley was eager to talk about job creation and vocational training, the themes underpinning his visit. And the Republican Senate candidate was especially keen to discuss Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, whom he hopes to unseat come November.  (CNN)
Inside Funny or Die and Billy Eichner's plan to 'Glam Up The Midterms'
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For years, comedian Billy Eichner has been known for screaming at people about pop culture on the streets of New York for his show "Billy on the Street."  (CNN)