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'Coronavirus doesn't respect barbed wire': concern mounts for Greek camps
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Calls grow for EU countries to accept refugees as outbreaks fuel fears that virus could rampage through overcrowded facilitiesThe spectre of coronavirus striking severely overcrowded refugee camps in Greece has hovered menacingly for months.International aid organisations, human rights groups and doctors have sounded the alarm. With the spread of the pandemic, calls for action to prevent impending medical catastrophe have become shriller. In Aegean islands on the frontline of the crisis, health carers speak of days gained, not won. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Boris Johnson spends night in intensive care with worsened coronavirus symptoms amid outpouring of support
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Read our live coronavirus updates HERE Covid-19: The symptoms (London News)
How false claims about 5G health risks spread into the mainstream
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Perfect storm of conditions helped nonsense theories about 5G and coronavirus to take holdA year ago, hoax theories about the dangers of 5G had barely pierced the public’s consciousness, largely remaining confined to serious conspiracy theorists such as David Icke.In recent weeks, baseless claims about risks associated with the next-generation mobile technology have gone mainstream. Claims linking 5G to the coronavirus pandemic have led to petrol bomb attacks on phone masts and rebuttals from the government. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
China reports zero daily deaths from coronavirus for the first time since January
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Milestone comes as nation struggles with ongoing outbreaks, including in Wuhan where dozens of residences have been locked down againCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageChina has reported zero new Covid-19 deaths for the first time since January, despite struggles with ongoing outbreaks including in Wuhan where dozens of residential blocks have been locked down just one day before travel restrictions were set to be lifted.On Tuesday, the National Health Commission reported 32 new cases across China, all of which were arrivals from another country. There were also 30 new asymptomatic cases reported. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
George Pell: Australian cardinal released from jail after high court quashes child sexual abuse conviction
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Pell will be freed immediately after the high court’s decision that his appeal should be upheld, as there was ‘a significant possibility that an innocent person has been convicted’George Pell conviction quashed - follow live updatesThe trials of George Pell - timelineCardinal George Pell, the former financial controller of the Vatican and the most senior Catholic in the world to have been found guilty of historical child sexual abuse, will be freed from prison and have his convictions overturned following a two-year legal battle.The bench of the high court in Brisbane on Tuesday granted leave for Pell to appeal, ordering his immediate release and quashing the conviction. Continue reading... (The Guardian)
Your morning briefing: What you should know for Tuesday, April 7
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The top stories you're waking up to Listen to your Morning Bulletin on Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa smart speakers from 7am every weekday (London News)
Coronavirus live updates: Donald Trump hints at second stimulus check; US deaths surpass 10K; 3M to boost mask production; US stocks surge Coronavirus live updates: Donald Trump hints at second stimulus check; US deaths surpass 10K; 3M to boost mask production; US stocks surge
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Donald Trump talks second stimulus, while task force doctors and New York offer hope and stocks rally. Here are the latest coronavirus crisis updates.          (USA Today)
Dr. Anthony Fauci: There are 'good signs' in US battle against coronavirus, but we're far from 'claiming victory' Dr. Anthony Fauci: There are 'good signs' in US battle against coronavirus, but we're far from 'claiming victory'
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Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx say there are encouraging signs after weeks of mitigation, but stress the U.S. is far from a coronavirus victory.          (USA Today)
Women sue Dutch Catholic order over forced labour claims
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Group, aged 11-21 at the time, sue Sisters of the Good Shepherd over treatment by nunsNineteen women are suing a Dutch monastery and its Catholic order over claims they were subjected to forced labour and abuse by nuns between 1951 and 1979 during periods of virtual imprisonment as children or young adults.The case against the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, which operates in 70 countries, concerns the treatment of women, aged 11 to 21 at the time, who had been placed in the nuns’ care by the courts or at the request of their parents or guardians. Continue reading... (The Guardian)