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How to Not Ruin Your Life (or Just Die of Embarrassment) With a Screen Share
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There are settings to help you avoid this. Here’s how to use them. (New York Times)
Modern Love: Listen: Catherine O’Hara Reads ‘Another Voice Had Come Between Us’
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On this week’s Modern Love podcast, the “Schitt’s Creek” actress reads an essay about jealousy and a GPS. (New York Times)
Scene City: A Billionaire’s Housewarming Party for 13,000 Fancy New Yorkers
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The rich and famous came out for the V.I.P. opening of Hudson Yards. And a grueling film about a terrorist attack at a hotel. (New York Times)
Boîte: Tulum Hot Spot Plants Itself in SoHo
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 (New York Times)
Browsing: Which Spring Trends to Try First?
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The most fun ones, of course. (New York Times)
Me Time: So I Thought I Couldn’t Dance
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 (New York Times)
Watches Are Yet Another Easy Way Rich People Make Their Money Into More Money
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The high-end watch market is a strong investment vehicle for wealthy people. (New York Times)
Six Up-and-Coming Collectible Watches for Your Bonus Check
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There are still bargains to be had in collectible timepieces, dealers say. At your own risk! (New York Times)
Critical Shopper: Visit the New Celine. Or Is It the New Old Celine?
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 (New York Times)