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Immune discovery 'may treat all cancer'
pred 9 urami in 6 minutami
Research is at an early stage but scientists said it had huge potential for destroying cancers. (BBC News)
New China virus: Your questions answered
pred 11 urami in 41 minutami
Are airports screening arrivals? Can the virus affect anyone who has travelled to China recently? (BBC News)
Blue Monday: Why it's a 'load of rubbish'
pred 16 urami in 27 minutami
Blue Monday - known as the most depressing day of the year - was made up by a travel company in 2004. (BBC News)
My 'butterfly skin' could kill me but I want to raise awareness for others
18. januar 2020 (01:07)
Epidermolysis bullosa is a rare genetic condition where skin can tear at the slightest touch. (BBC News)
Unprofessional TikTok medical videos 'not the norm'
18. januar 2020 (00:12)
TikTok videos made by doctors and nurses this week have been accused of spreading misinformation. (BBC News)
Susan Warby death: Whistleblower letter to husband 'revealed blunders'
17. januar 2020 (15:45)
The hospital reportedly demanded fingerprints and samples of handwriting to find the whistleblower. (BBC News)
Fake drugs: How bad is Africa’s counterfeit medicine problem?
17. januar 2020 (09:13)
Seven African countries are meeting in Togo to tackle the issue of fake drugs. (BBC News)
Stroke consultant shortage 'hurtling towards crisis'
17. januar 2020 (02:04)
Some 48% of hospitals in England, Wales and Northern Ireland do not have the staff they need, figures suggest. (BBC News)
Social media data needed for 'harm' research, say doctors
17. januar 2020 (01:31)
Understanding usage by children is key to studying potential harms and benefits, psychiatrists say. (BBC News)
Newcastle children talk mental health thanks to puppets
17. januar 2020 (00:58)
The show is touring schools and is being used to spot early signs of issues. (BBC News)