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Eating disorders: Over-65s unable to access some clinics
pred 11 urami in 1 minuto
Over-65s with eating disorders are being prevented from accessing specialist clinics. (BBC News)
'Ask about sexual orientation to improve LGBT inequalities'
pred 11 urami in 8 minutami
Hospitals and care homes should be fined if they do not ask about sexual orientation, MPs say. (BBC News)
Viewpoint: Let's not wait any longer for the male pill
pred 11 urami in 34 minutami
Blurring of traditional gender roles could finally mean that the male pill is on the horizon. (BBC News)
Deciding to donate a loved one's organs
pred 17 urami in 43 minutami
How doctors and nurses help families reach a difficult decision which could save a stranger's life. (BBC News)
'George Michael' comment NHS doctor struck off
pred 21 urami in 7 minutami
The NHS bowel surgeon told patients to "assume the George Michael position", a tribunal hears. (BBC News)
Air pollution 'triggers hundreds more heart attacks and strokes'
pred 1 dnevom, 5 urami in 11 minutami
People also suffer more strokes and asthma attacks on days when air quality is poor, academics say. (BBC News)
Measles, mumps and rubella: How do we eliminate them?
pred 1 dnevom, 12 urami in 6 minutami
A future free of the three diseases is "within reach" despite recent outbreaks, a health boss says. (BBC News)
Pica: Pregnancy cravings that make women eat rocks
19. oktober 2019 (23:24)
Brenda suffers from pica, an eating disorder which leads to cravings of non-food items. (BBC News)
A school resource officer and a nurse saved a student after his heart stopped
19. oktober 2019 (06:04)
M.J. Crumity was just an ordinary eighth-grade boy playing dodgeball in his gym class in Florida on October 1 when his pacemaker quit working. What happened next was extraordinary.  (CNN)
Egg rolls, meat loaf and chicken pie recalled over allergens and unsanitary conditions
19. oktober 2019 (05:00)
A North Carolina company has issued a recall on an undisclosed amount of chicken pie and meat loaf products because the labeling did not indicate they contain allergens.  (CNN)