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Whorlton Hall: Care home abuse missed despite at least 100 official visits
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Inspectors, council staff and NHS officials went in twice week on average in the year before Panorama expose. (BBC News)
62,000 pounds of raw meat are being recalled, just days before Memorial Day
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If you're planning on firing up the grill this Memorial Day weekend, you may want to double check your meat products before you get a very un-festive surprise.  (CNN)
Women need twice as many toilets as men, say public health experts
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Toilet provisions for women in the UK must be boosted so there are two female toilets to every male one, according to a new report on the state of public facilities.  (CNN)
Measles in Maine means half the states in the US now have cases of this highly contagious disease
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Maine health officials confirmed the first case of measles in the state, bringing the total number of states reporting the highly contagious viral disease to 25.  (CNN)
European doctor defies orders to stop sending US women abortion pills by mail
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Aid Access, which provides abortion pills by mail to the United States, is defying an order to stop from the US Food and Drug Administration.  (CNN)
Turn up office thermostats to improve women's productivity, study suggests
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Women often complain that the office temperature is too low -- but it's not just comfort that's at stake.  (CNN)
The hidden health crisis that kills 200 people a day
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Snakebites kill more than 200 people a day around the world, but Thai firefighter Pinyo Pookpinyo was one of the lucky ones.  (CNN)
These doctors risked their careers to expose the dangers children face in immigrant family detention
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Dr. Scott Allen and Dr. Pamela McPherson were used to working behind the scenes, quietly documenting the devastating things they'd seen.  (CNN)
The failings in learning disability services in six charts
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The government has missed a target of fewer inpatient beds for people with learning disabilities in England. (BBC News)
Two female loos for every male one, experts recommend
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With more urinals than cubicles, men - unlike women - rarely queue, a report says. (BBC News)